FOD151CDDVD 20th Anniversary Live @ The Fleece, Bristol Laid Blak CD and DVD
FOD150 Confessions of an Ageing Party Girl (Daddy G vs Robot Club Remix) Emily Breeze Digital Single
FOD149 Confessions of an Ageing Party Girl (Radio Edit) Emily Breeze Digital Single
FOD148 Golden Laid Blak Digital Single
FOD147 The Bell Emily Breeze Digital Single
FOD146 Ordinary Life Emily Breeze Digital Single
FOD145CD/V Rapture  Emily Breeze Vinyl and CD
FOD144 Monkey (Bunjy & Kickback Remix) Hector Who Lived Digital Single
FOD143 Monkey Hector Who Lived Digital Single
FOD142 From The Vaults Laid Blak CD
FOD141 Getting Tuff Laid Blak Digital Single
FOD140 Roodie Laid Blak Digital Single
FOD139 Confessions of an Aging Party Girl Emily Breeze Digital Single
FOD138 Hey Kidz Emily Breeze Digital Single
FOD137CD About Time (Deluxe Edition) Laid Blak CD
FOD136 Heaven’s Gate Emily Breeze Digital Single
FOD135 It’s A Pity Remix Laid Blak Digital EP
FOD134 It’s A Pity Laid Blak Digital Single
FOD133 Work Emily Breeze Digital Single
FOD132 Judgement Day RMX Compendulum meets Capital Letters Digital
FOD131CD/V Rituals Emily Breeze Vinyl and CD
FOD130CD Best of Joshua to Jashwha 1978-2019 Jashwha Moses CD
FOD129 Mic Man Laid Blak Digital
FOD128CD Unplugged Laid Blak CD
FOD127 Judgement Day Capital Letters ft JB Vinyl and CD
FOD126CD Red&Blak Laid Blak CD
FOD125 About Time Laid Blak Vinyl and CD
FOD124CD Nothing Change (The Best of Talisman 1977 – 2018) Talisman CD
FOD123V Electric Skies Gary Clail Vinyl
FOD122 Love (Single Edit) Royal Sounds Digital
FOD121V Love EP Royal Sounds Vinyl
FOD120 I Ain’t Mad at Ya Hulk Digital
FOD119 Behold Black Symbol Vinyl and CD
FOD119CD Behold Black Symbol CD
FOD118 Burning Inspiration Royal Sounds Vinyl and CD
FOD117 Message Music Royal Sounds Digital
FOD116V Judgement Day Capital Letters Vinyl
FOD115V She Look Like Reggae (Dubkasm remix) Talisman Vinyl
FOD114V Don’t Play with Fyah Talisman Vinyl
FOD114CD Don’t Play with Fyah Talisman CD
FOD112 Compendulum Various Artists CD
FOD111 Shadows of the Past Jeremiah Digital
FOD110 Jah Music (Ras Muffett Mixes) Capital Letters Digital
FOD109CD Wolverhampton in Dub Capital Letters CD
FOD108CD/V Jashwha Moses The Rising Vinyl and CD
FOD107V Jah Music Capital Letters 7″ Vinyl
FOD106CD/V Wolverhampton Capital Letters Vinyl and CD
FOD105V Wolf Capital Letters 12″ Vinyl
FOD104V ‘Nothing Change’ Talisman 12″ Vinyl
FOD103CD ‘Everlasting’ Jean McLean CD
FOD102 Hey Yout’ Talisman Digital
FOD101 People ft: Joe Peng (RSD Mix / One Love) Daleth Karl Digital
FOD100CD ‘Journey’ Black Symbol CD
FOD098 Help Yourself Talisman Digital Single
FOD097V I-Surrection Talisman 30th September 2013
FOD097CD I-Surrection Talisman 30th September 2013
FOD096V Jah Time Will Come Jashwha Moses 18th March 2013
FOD095CD Year of the Pigbag Pigbag 25th March 2013
FOD094CD No War On Earth Jashwha Moses 18th March 2013
FOD093 On The Ground In Dub Black Roots 4th March 2013
15th October 2012
10th September 2012
FOD090V Sound History Vol 1 AMJ DUB Collective
23 April 2012


The releases below are part of Sugar Shack history as a Rock imprint, we rebranded in 2012 to concentrate on British Reggae

FOD089V Animals Kill Cassidy
23 May 2011
FOD087 The Daisychaincycle (Ultimate Collection) Redefine
4 Apr 2011
FOD086 Rifftrospective Left Side Brain
25 Oct 2010
FOD088 14.11 / Everyone to the Dancemat Kill Cassidy
18 Oct 2010
FOD085 Darkhorse Darkhorse 08 Feb 2010
FOD084 We Write Our Own Anthems Full Scream Ahead 30 Nov 2009
FOD083 Colloblast Left Side Brain 12 Oct 2009
FOD082 Celsius Pitchblend 17 Aug 2009
FOD080 Collider Left Side Brain 23 Feb 2009
FOD081 Weaponise Left Side Brain 09 Feb 2009
FOD079 Sister Temptation Midasuno 30 Jun 2008
FOD078 The Lines Of Unreason Pitchblend 28 Jan 2008
FODO76 Songs In the Key of Fuck Midasuno 30 Jul 2007
FOD077 Don’t Drive (Faster Than Your Angel Can Fly) Midasuno 17 Jul 2007
FOD075 First To Ripen Mea Culpa 16 Jul 2007
FOD072 Trench X is Loaded 23 Apr 2007
FOD074 The Void Anemic 06 Mar 2007
FOD073 X is Loaded X is Loaded 16 Jan 2007
FOD071 As Silence Falls As Silence Falls 21 Nov 2006
FOD070 Mixed Up The Francos 21 Nov 2006
FOD069 Frequency I Am The Door 16 Oct 2006
FOD066 A Combination For Disaster Anemic 04 Jul 2006
FOD065 Gold Dust Souls 04 Jul 2006
SCCD006 Proper Tunnel Vision Liner 04 Jul 2006
FOD067 The Gambler EP Glitch 04 Jul 2006
FOD068 Til Death Do Us Party Midasuno 04 Jul 2006
FOD061 After Dark Two Day Rule 10 Mar 2006
FOD031 All Dressed Up Rita Lynch 10 Mar 2006
FOD015 Apache Dropout Apache Dropout 10 Mar 2006
FOD048 Been Around Two Day Rule 10 Mar 2006
FOD024 Blossom Freak Steve Bush 10 Mar 2006
FOD056 Carnavon Street Camile Miller 10 Mar 2006
FOD043 Cerebral Arma Moqsha 10 Mar 2006
FOD 047 Crossed The Line Phonic 10 Mar 2006
FOD042 Don’t Just Do Something Stand There Grebo 10 Mar 2006
FOD038 Everything’s Going To Be KO, Really Action Spectacular 10 Mar 2006
FOD033 Moksha The Destroyer Vs. Dubzilla Moqsha 10 Mar 2006
FOD037 Sugar Shack Records Presents: Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Various Artists 10 Mar 2006
FOD045 Tamper – Evident Madnomad 10 Mar 2006
FOD035 The Daisy Chain Cycle Redefine 10 Mar 2006
FOD032 The Devoted EP Crashland 10 Mar 2006
FOD060 Till Death Do Us Part Anemic 10 Mar 2006
FOD049 Universal Language Cléan 10 Mar 2006
FOD058 Unnatural Conspiracy Indica 10 Mar 2006
FOD034 When You’re Ready Two Day Rule 10 Mar 2006