Jashwha Moses – No War On Earth ‘The Trailer/Film’

Jashwha Moses – No War On Earth ‘The Trailer/Film’

Heres’s a film to help promote Jashwha Moses new album out Monday 8th April on Sugar Shack, spread the vibes:

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Jashwha Moses ’4/5 Mojo Album Review’ No War On Earth

Jashwha Moses No War On Earth Album Review Mojo May 2013

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Album Reviews – Big Cheese Magazine


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Pigbag – Album Review

It didn’t matter what particular style of music you listened to of followed religiously in the early ‘80’s if you of a particular age you will know that more often than not Top Of The Pops was one of very few music programs that appealed to us youngsters back in the day. If you had a more discerning (for that read “older”) palette then you would probably have gone for the more dad rock appeal of The Old Grey Whistle Test, if you were really in the know you wouldn’t be squinting at the goggle box at all you were checking out John Peel on the radio to see what was really out there.

Pigbag at the time crossed over into all of these strands and enjoyed massive success going into the public consciousness with their first single ‘Papa’s Got A Brand New Pigbag’, and I remember thinking at the time, “What the fuck is this?”

As musicians Pigbag came out of Bristol at a time when its artists were exploring, experimenting with and delivering a cultural melt-down of styles, fusing them into totally new sounds, exciting times indeed. So what has this got to do with the here and now?

Well Pigbag have just reformed with an original trio from their classic line up intact, and are now boosted by a further five new musicians, all recording together with the intent of fusing together African grooves, jazz, latin, funk and dance (well so the blurb says).

So have they succeeded?

Indeed they have, because as you listen to the strident horns, reminiscent of Miles Davis, the latin salsa beats, and the underpinning jazz percussion, you end up with what to me sounds like freeform jazz experimentation, all bringing in a very “fair” Weather Report style comparison. Stand outs for me are ‘Out Of Chaos’ which has a very ‘70’s jazz feel about it, loose and freeform letting the horns lead before that funk guitar groove kicks in, plus ‘Tabula Rasa’, which is simply stunning. Even the opener ‘Cuban Rice’ kicks with some serious latin salsa beats, but if you are contemplating sampling ‘Year of the Pigbag’ you must experience this as an overall LP don’t go into single parts, it flows really well a bit of a classy LP should.

Dare to be different, give it a listen you might be pleasantly surprised and more to the point enjoy it!



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Hey Yout’ (Dub)

News Flash:
The new Talisman album I-Surrection, set for release in September/October 2013 to coincide with a headlining UK Tour will be mixed by The Rootikal team out of London. The Dub counterpart I-Surrection In Dub will be mixed by Dave ‘Oldwah’ Sandford.

Rootikal have previously done remixes for Black Roots and Jashwha Moses as well as Bob Marley tracks for Island Records.
We share with you a track from the Dub album ‘Hey Yout’ as this track may be familiar to fans of the band having seen them on tour in March with the mighty Selecter.

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Talisman on tour with The Selecter March 1st 2013

The tour is going great, Stroud, Bristol and Liverpool were excellent. Newcastle next and then Scotland here they come.


Photos by Anita Hummel
The first mixes are back as well from David Sandford towards the new album I-Surrection due to land later this year

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Black Roots ‘On The Ground In Dub’

Twenty long years went by without any new material from the legendary Black Roots, whose Roots blend captivated the music world for many years. The lads from Bristol released “On The Ground” and quenched the thirsts of fans old and new. This Dub album is an intelligent extravaganza that truly thrills. Back in the 1980′s, the group released a series of “Dub Factor” albums that were hard hitting to the bone. Mad Professor and Dub Judah lent their skills to these gems. The multi-talented Louis Becket (extensive work with Black Slate) mixed this Dub album at J & J Studio in Bristol, England, inna fine fashion. It’s an urgent work of engineering wizardry that is comparable to the stylings of Dub pioneers King Tubby and his protege Scientist.

“I Believe Dub” is totally believable. The vivid horns are held predominant and the atmosphere is surgically sculpted into a polished affair; not overdone but with pure class. “Pompous Way Dub” holds nice focus on the blazing guitar work that gives way to a stark and smart reworking. The sweet vocals are eerily faded in and out. “Long, Long Ago Dub” brings memory of work on “Dub Factor 3″. Horns, drum and bass are all in the right places. Mr. Becket uses the original Dub style – treat each instrument track like good friends and don’t interrupt them. “Militancy Dub” shows the bond between veteran and new members of Black Roots. Newcomer Anthony Ward’s taut drumming links well with founding member Jabulani’s great guitar licks. “Earthland Dub” is pure class. It is transformed into a Roots anthem with broad focus on the horn section of Ray Carless (ex-Black Slate) /Patrick Tenyue with some sweet vocal fades. “I Am Flying Dub” is pure fly. All out excursion of all instrumentation; polished and buffed to a shine. “Slavery Dub” brings back memories of The Mad Professor-Dub Factor days!


“Oh Mama Africa Dub” is pure joy. Cordell Francis’ guitar work and Senouchi Madani’s bass magic is taken to the heart of Dub country. “Hide Out Dub” takes on a King Tubby’s agenda. David Holder’s organ work is brought forward in a way that would make Mr. Ruddock (King Tubby) proud. “No Fee Dub” demonstrates that Black Roots doesn’t try to outdo themselves; they’re just an incredibly tight band. Another standout is the jazz tinged “Struggle Dub”. Ray’s sax work is transformed into clean burning inergy along with some great drum and bass transformation. This formula transcends into “Landscape Dub”; interpreted as a lunar “bandscape” – top ranking. The final excursion “Come And Sing Dub” is an earthy and organic blending. From the warming saxophone to the tight drum and bass, this Dub is a tour-de force.

Some albums deserve Dub representation, some do not. Black Roots’ “On The Ground In Dub” deserves the former. Dub albums have followed this legendary band many times during the “part one” of their career and is taken to higher ites this time around. Louis Becket and crew have aptly showcased this band’s talent intelligently and kept a nice edge on each track. The true tradition of Dub is being kept alive. The vocal set was blazing and “On The Ground In Dub” turns into one of the finest Dub albums in recent memory; hands down. Get this masterpiece or miss out of a piece of Reggae history! Go deh.

Review for www.reggae-vibes.com by Robert “Higherman” Heilman

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Talisman Videos

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Black Roots ‘On The Ground In Dub’

BLACKROOTS DUB STICKERED FOD093CD• And so the album reviews start to arrive ‘Get this masterpiece or miss out on a piece of Reggae history’ – http://www.reggae-vibes.com/rev_sin/br-onthe.htm

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Pigbag – Q Magazine Album Review

A bit harsh with the grade but we assure you still a great new album:
Pigbag Album Review Q April 2013

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Talisman T Shirts

New Talisman Screen printed T Shirts now in stock and available on The Selecter Tour starting Feb 28th or available to order on line from:


photo 2

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Vive Le Rock – Year Of The Pigbag Album Review

Here we are the first published review of Pigbag new album:
Pigbag Vive le Rock Review

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The Great British Alternative Music Festival

Black Roots 17

Black Roots confirmed as part of the line up at Butlins Minehead for three days 26th – 29th April for The Great British Alternative Music Festival
For more information visit: http://www.bigweekends.com/your-break/91389

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On The Ground In Dub – Black Roots


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Pigbag – Japanese Record Sleeve

YearOfThePigBag ALT jAPAN

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Jashwha Moses – Live Dates

Jashwha 3 Gigs WEB

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Talisman Album

The new Talisman album I-Surrection is now mixed and ready to be mastered.
Exciting weeks ahead for the band as they start The Selecter tour on Feb 28thTALISMAN LOGO OnBlack

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Black Roots In Paris – United Reggae


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Pigbag – Bristol Show Confirmed

Pigbag are to headline the bank holiday Monday April 1st show at The Attic in Bristol. This is an out door event and will act as the new album launch show for Bristol.
Gunna be Funky.
Pigbag photo by Amanda Gallant Jan 2013  4

Photo by Amanda Gallant

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Pigbag – ‘Papa’s Got A Brand New Pigbag’ 2013 Stylee

You tube video shot last Friday at The Half Moon, Putney, London town

New album coming March 25th 2013

More Gigs as well

Feel the Funk

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Jashwha Moses ‘No War On Earth’ New Album

Set for release on Monday 8th April 2013 on CD & digital download, through Sugar Shack Records


Jashwha Moses is back. Having taken nearly three and a half decades between releasing his first single and his first album, last year’s career spanning “Joshua To Jashwha – 30 Years In the Wilderness”, on our sister label Bristol Archive Records, he’s wasted no time in following up its success with an album of brand new material, “No War On Earth” released by Sugar Shack

Continuing the themes that have infused his previous material, this is proper roots reggae, music with a strong social and spiritual message spread across nine vocals and six dubs. The music is brand new and yet instantly familiar, due to it’s classic reggae sound shaped by Jashwha’s long term collaborator and producer Mikey Taylor-Hall. In addition to brand new songs they have also reworked both “Jah Time Has Come” and “Steel” for inclusion on the new set, helping the sense of familiarity. This album symbolizes the birth of Jashwha reggae Jahggae.
Jashwha and Mikey have hand picked a new backing band and Jashwha has already started to take these songs on the road winning new fans as well as being a welcome return for those who remember his classic shows of old. 2013 looks like being a great year with many shows in the pipeline to support the new album.

Hot on the heels of Black Roots “On the Ground”, Sugar Shack Records continue their quest to bring back proper roots reggae with another outstanding set from Jashwha Moses and Mikey Taylor-Hall, “No War On Earth” is released on 8th April 2013 on CD and digital download, available from all leading retailers

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Black Roots film footage

Brilliant film footage of the recent Black Roots show in Paris


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Jashwha Moses ‘Jah Time Has Come’ (Rootikal Redub) – Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl


Set for release on Monday 18th March 2013 on Limited Edition 12” Vinyl & digital download, through Sugar Shack Records

This is the second in a planned series of remixes by the Rootikal Crew out of London. They have turned up the Dub Dial to 11 on “Jah Time Has Come” from the new Jashwha Moses album “No War on Earth” and yet again they’ve exceeded our expectations.

If their first remix was imbued with the spirit of mid-seventies downtown Kingston, their take on “Jah Time Has Come” is simultaneously both bang up to date and yet also captures a classic UK vibe. If it was indeed vintage, then no doubt it would now be labelled as a “Shaka Killer”. As it is, the Rootikal crew have already tested its sound system appeal at their own night and it passed with flying colours. It’s a heavy, heavy mix that picks you up and sweeps you along on a four minute spiritual journey.

With all this praise for the Rootikal mix, we shouldn’t forget the original mixes are equally brilliant. Both the vocal and dub get a vinyl outing on this 12” providing a totally different, but equally fantastic listening experience from the creators of the music Jashwha Moses and Mikey Taylor-Hall. With more than seventy years of writing and performing reggae between them they certainly know what they are doing and nail both mixes. There are no weak tracks on this record. Jahggae has arrived.

As if three strong cuts of “Jah Time Has Come” weren’t enough, we’ve really bumped up the value with both the vocal and dub of “Suffering Is In The Past” from Jashwha’s previous album, “Joshua To Jashwha – 30 Years In The Wilderness”, (Bristol Archive Records). For various reasons we couldn’t include these two excellent tracks on the vinyl release, an oversight that this new Jashwha record has allowed us to correct
Released 18th March 2013 on limited edition 12” vinyl from Sugar Shack Records and with five excellent cuts “Jah Time Has Come” is an essential purchase for all reggae fans and sound men.

www.sugarshackrecords.co.uk / www.bristolarchiverecords.com

ARTIST: Jashwha Moses
TITLE: Jah Time Has Come
RELEASE DATE: 18th March 2013
LABEL: Sugar Shack Records
FORMAT: Limited Edition 122 Vinyl and Digital Download
BARCODE: 5052571042168
GENRE: Dub, Reggae

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Black Roots – Cabaret-Sauvage, Paris Gig

Here is the review of the show in English and the link to the French site


The year 2013 started pretty well this Saturday, January 5 with a concert eagerly awaited by lovers of roots. The first performance in Paris of the British group Black Roots will disappoint anyone – except those left outside without tickets, and forced to return home due to sold out. More than 1,200 people were pressed at the gates of Cabaret Sauvage for a moment that was, let’s not mince words, history. Back on this unique and unforgettable.

After a good selection of Ethiopian music and some classic early-reggae, a speaker not always very comfortable reminds us that the concert was held to celebrate the Ethiopian Christmas, the official date is January 7. Some info on Ethiopia (religion, calendar, customs) and go, members of Black Roots take the stage. The show begins with “Pin In The Ocean.” Those who still had doubts are reassured that the sound is heavy and voice bearing, the Black Roots vibes intact. The eight original members on stage, accompanied by a new bassist, and a horn section. It connects immediately with “Juvenile Delinquent”, one of the most popular titles in the group. Despite strong public reaction, no pull up. Same for “Africa” which receives a huge forward yet.

A shiver through the intro and each group takes care of us prescribe the same effect in the end piece. The four singers take turns effectively, leaving still pride to Delroy Ogilvie who impresses with his stage presence and his high-pitched voice, probably the most iconic of the group. “On The Ground” is the first track on the new album played. And surprise, it is much more convinced by the live studio version. Black Roots live succeeded in what they had partly missed out album, namely to maintain the level of their tunes of the 80s. We will be entitled to other new songs like “I Believe” and intro copper sensational “Pompous Way” that reap a pull up or “Mama Africa.” Not confused, the public is more receptive and even seems to know the band’s latest album. But what are the classic albums “Frontline” and “Black Roots” that mark the most. “What Dem A Do” reap one of the biggest ovations of the evening, while the flawless interpretation “Confusion” reassure everyone after a bad patch due to a slight technical problem.

Let’s face it, the group is not the point of the line. Some hesitation, some uncertain glances and a few wrong notes, however, will not remove anything in the magic of this concert and spontaneity of performance. Words activists “Blackheart Man” does not prevent Errol Brown transmit his good humor to present massive. After an hour and a half show, the band left the stage before returning for a reminder of the most effective “Tribal War” remains one of the most memorable moments. After “No Fear” and very social “Opportunity”, the group remains on stage for a final moving on “Chanting For Freedom” where singers successfully invite the whole room jumping at the same time.

Nearly two hours of reggae melodies conveyor, thrilling harmonies and messages of hope, this is what the 1200 lucky here this evening attended. Between classical and new age in height, the English came warn us of one thing clear: Black Roots is definitely back … which bodes well, hopefully good things for festivals 2013.

Thank you for Mami Wata and Arka Productions for organizing and hosting.

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PIGBAG New Album ‘Year of the Pigbag’ Released March 25th 2013

‘Year of the Pigbag’
Set for release on Monday 25th March 2013 on CD & digital download, through Sugar Shack Records

Originally formed in 1980, Pigbag burst into the charts and the public consciousness with their first single, “Papa’s Got A New Pigbag”, a track that retains its dance floor appeal to this day. The band toured extensively in Europe, Japan and the United States, released two albums, appeared on ‘Top of the Pops’ twice and built a loyal fan base before they split in 1983 due to musical differences.
Pigbag were part of the first flowering of the Bristol music scene when the City’s musicians were creating their own unique synthesis of styles and finally being noticed by those outside the City. Perhaps if things had worked out differently Pigbag would have stayed together longer continuing to evolve musically and achieving more of the success they deserved. Now they have a second chance.
Thirty years after they split up, Sugar Shack Records are extremely pleased to announce that not only are Pigbag back with founding members Chris Lee and Ollie Moore as well as original member Kofi Adu, but they have recorded an album of brand new material entitled “Year of the Pigbag”.

Having spent the intervening years playing with groups as diverse as the Pogues, Abyssinians, Neneh Cherry, Osibisa and Mulato Astatke, the trio of original members were inspired by the re-release of their back catalogue to reform and recruit five new and very talented musicians who shared their vision of fusing African grooves, jazz, latin, funk and dance beats into a heady new cocktail to invigorate the 2010s just as they did the 1980s.
With the classic eight piece line-up and full brass section, just as when they started in Bristol, the band’s new material is a joyous fusion of propulsive basslines, catchy horns and irresistible percussion all seamlessly blended into a heady mix that finds your feet tapping along as the urge to dance takes over. I can’t wait to see the band live as this CD is a nonstop dance party of the highest order with echoes of the JBs, Fela Kuti and Sun Ra’s Arkestra yet entirely different and their own unique creation, with music this catchy perhaps 2013 will be the year of Pigbag.
“Year of the Pigbag” is released on CD and digital download by Sugar Shack Records on 25th March 2013, available from all good retailers.


ARTIST: Pigbag
TITLE: Year of the Pigbag
RELEASE DATE: 25th March 2013
LABEL: Sugar Shack Records
FORMAT: CD and Digital Download
BARCODE: 5052571041925
GENRE: Funk, Jazz, Afro, Dance

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BLACK ROOTS at Cabaret Sauvage Paris 05/01/2013

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Record Collector Top 11 Reggae Albums of 2012

Great news for our sister label with Jashwha Moses and Bunny Marrett in the Top 11 with their albums Joshua to Jashwha – 30 Years In The Wilderness and Bunny Marrett ‘I’m Free’

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PIGBAG plus Perhaps Contraption plus DJ’s – Half moon Putney, London, Friday Jan 25th 2013

Free show in London from the mighty Pigbag at Back To The Phuture Event

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Black Roots ‘On The Ground’ In Dub

As a follow up to the 2012 critically acclaimed release ‘On The Ground’ we are are delighted to announce that we will release the Dub version in March 2013

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