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Black Symbol ‘Journey’ – One of the best reggae album releases of 2014!

Black Symbol album ‘Journey’ is listed by Record Collector Magazine as one of the top new releases of 2014. Check it out:

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Record Collector – 11 top Reggae Albums of 2013 – Talisman

Record Collector selection of best Reggae Albums of 2013 – Talisman I-Surrection!! Pick up a copy and see for yourselves:

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Talisman I-Surrection Album 5 Star Review

Today is a great day. We’ve just secured a 5 STAR (virtually unheard of) album review for our new I-Surrection album in this months edition of Record Collector. Quote… ‘ Opener Greetings and Salutations is a killer of meditative deep … Continue reading

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Record Collector Top 11 Reggae Albums of 2012

Great news for our sister label with Jashwha Moses and Bunny Marrett in the Top 11 with their albums Joshua to Jashwha – 30 Years In The Wilderness and Bunny Marrett ‘I’m Free’

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