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A message from Dehvan

Time to reflect as the 2017 come to an end.. looking faward….

TALISMAN album ‘Don’t Play With Fyah’ was released in January 2017 made it to number 1 on the ‘global reggae charts’ and has been in that chart for the last 4mths the single ‘Relijan’ along with its counterpart video was released in March and has received 1738 plays on 81 radio stations in 28 countries, we have had over 230,000 hits for the video of ‘Relijan’ on, to date I’ve not heard it on my local radio station if anyone has, do let me know. The phrase ‘a good (talis)MAN is never honoured in his own land’ comes to mind and then they turn around and say ‘you have to dance a yard before you dance abroad’ well play the album and we will dance. I’m just saying because when I signed in facebook asked what’s on your mind today Dehvan Othieno

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